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Treatment Options

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy may not have the best reputation, but it can actually save patients money and additional dental issues when a tooth is compromised by decay or infection.

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You have had your root canal completed. For some reason, you are still having pain when you bite on that tooth, even though the nerve has been taken out of tooth.

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Cracked Tooth

Having a cracked tooth is no laughing matter. Knowing how to fix a cracked tooth appropriately and knowing when to do so, is a wonderful combination.

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Root Amputation

Despite the advances in dental restoration, including implants, bridgework and custom tooth replacements, there is no superior alternative to retaining a natural tooth.

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Root Canal Retreatment

Root canal treatment is a highly preferable alternative to tooth extraction. Even in the event of complications after root canal therapy, re-treatment is a much stronger option than extraction.

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Pulp Therapy

At the center of each tooth, “pulp” is found. It’s invisible to the naked eye and consists of nerves, tissue, and many blood vessels, which work to channel vital nutrients and oxygen.

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